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Helping to Keep You Safe

Harrison Township Fire Department is committed to keeping the community safe.  It is imperative that we keep you informed and help to ensure that your safety is paramount.  This page will offer information and tips to help you protect yourself and ensure we can offer you the best emergency services.

Stay safe.  One of the many street signs that have appeared, to warn people, during the current pand

Safety Tips

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Open Burn Safety!

It is that time of the year again where it is nice outside and people want to enjoy a nice evening campfire or have the spring itch to clean things up. Practice safe burning. Know the wind direction and the conditions of flammable material around you.

Smoke Alarms!

  • Three out of five home fire deaths result on a property without a working smoke alarm.

  • Make sure smoke alarms work and test them each month.  

  • Put smoke alarms inside and outside of each bedroom or sleeping area, and make sure each level of the home has a smoke alarm.

  • When you hear a smoke alarm you may have two minutes or less to get everyone out of the residence and safe.

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